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We provide the people, equipment, technology and expertise to execute your election accurately, securely and according to Department of Labor Standards. Trust your election to the experts - every year we conduct hundreds of public and private elections ensuring over 11 Million Voters can cast their ballot in-person, by-mail, on-demand, or electronically. Since our inception in 1983, we've conducted over 4,000 Public and Private Elections, Processing over 1 Billion Voters and no Election has ever been overturned.

Technology Suite
Vote Centers

Technology Suite

Electec is leading the charge in certified election technology. We offer a suite of election software applications that will change the way your election is run. Our software includes ePoll Books to digitally track and manage voter check, a mobile line checker to shorten lines at your polling station, QSense and election night on demand certified results, customized to your reporting needs.  

ELECTEC Inc. e-Poll Books streamline the check-in of voters at voting sites (early voting and election day), alleviating the need for bulky paper registers. The electronic poll book communicates with your county’s voter registration system—and from there with your State system—to record voter activity as it happens.

Vote by Mail

Electec is certified to remote voting laws, allowing voters to download their ballot online and submit via mail. Once received Electec scans ballots, creating an official document that's used for voting submission. We manage the full process end to end, ensuring a streamlined and official process for remote voting. 

In use since 1986, millions of voters have cast their ballots on this equipment. A single page presents the entire Ballot to the voter; each candidate is guaranteed equal exposure. Multiple redundant fail safes ensure results are intact. Each voted ballot is retained exactly as selected; voter anonymity is maintained. Final results are tabulated within minutes after polls are closed

Election Night Reporting

Voters record selections on paper. Voted Ballots are deposited into a secure ballot box. Incorrectly marked ballots such as over-voted or unreadable marks are immediately flagged for review during Tally. Each voted ballot is retained for archival and recount purposes. All Ballots are Union Printed

Training & Support

We are your vendor for Election resources. We have qualified, trained technicians with the necessary expertise to setup and support your election accurately and impartially. We can train your employees, poll workers & temporary help and can support all Voting Machine Manufacturers.

Ballot Printing

ELECTEC can produce your necessary Election materials including Poll Books, Absentee, Provisional & Emergency Ballots, Instructional Booklets, Return Sheets, Voting Authority Cards, Sample Ballots, Posters and Spiral Bound Documents. Our Printing, Collating and Binding services are completed in-house and delivered on-time.

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Vote by Mail
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