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ELECTEC voting equipment withstands cybersecurity scrutiny in PA

ELECTEC voting equipment operates as a closed system, meaning hackers would have a very hard time accessing votes.

"The voting system that Dauphin County has used since 1985 is not connected to the Internet, and neither is the system that the county uses to program the cartridges for the voting machines. I could drop one of our voting machines off in the middle of Red Square in Moscow and the Russians couldn't hack into (it) unless they used an ax."

Pennsylvania Dauphin County Director of Elections & Voter Registration Jerry Feaser recently responded to questions raised by a Penn State panel regarding Electec voting equipment security.

"Our machines have multiple layers of checks that poll workers go through verifying to ensure the machines haven't been tampered with prior to opening them on Election Day. The system we are using is basically the same that voters have been using since 1985 and no one has questioned the veracity of our results and whether or not the voters' voices are being reflected properly," said Feaser.

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