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Independent, Impartial, Unaffiliated
Better Elections Begin Here

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Electec Election Services, Inc. - Better Elections Begin Here

ELECTEC Election Services will help you achieve:

  1. 30 years experience implementing and supporting Elections
  2. Financial Stability and Longevity
  3. Faster implementation & smoother integration
  4. Greater productivity
  5. Lower costs
  6. Superior outcomes
  7. Overall system improvement
  8. Independent workflows
  9. Comprehensive Training and On-going Support

We execute 100 public and private elections every year for
States, Municipalities, Unions and Professional Organizations including:

Electec Election Services, Inc. - County Seals

City of Philadelphia
State of Pennsylvania
State of Delaware
State of Kentucky
Counties of New Jersey
Maryland Municipalities

Sheet Metal Workers
Iron Workers
(Partial Client List)